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UNFOLDING: Spiritual Art Series

"Original acrylic paintings featuring light bodies, spiritual and metaphysical themes, other realms and dimensions, and etheric life forms."

Special Value Spring Sale!

Four Days Only!

Monday 5/6-Thursday 5/9/24

"The Universe is Your Oyster"

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Ancient White Elephant Acrylic Painting.jpg
Ancient white elephant acrylic painting_edited.jpg


Experience themes of connection, ancestry, spiritual freedom, power, sacred illumination, & etheric life.


Dimensionality 4 Mycology Acrylic Painting .jpg

Your mind, then your consciousness will travel through portals to enchanting places pleasing to your soul and your senses.

Botanical Breath Mushroom Acrylic Painting.jpg
Botanical Breath Mushroom Room View.jpg
Botanical Breath Mushroom Acrylic Painting.jpg



Engage with etheric beings from distant realms of truth, wisdom, and purity beyond human imagination.

Light Body 2 Acrylic Painting.jpg
Light Body 2 Room View.jpg
Light Body 2 Acrylic Painting.jpg



Light bodies dance and undulate in a state of joyful illumination among the starlit backdrop of endless possibility.

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Beautiful, diverse, and inspirational!  Seeing this makes my life fuller!


Amazing colors, very beautiful.  What a gift you have through your art.


This artwork lifts the spirits of whoever enters the room.  Your work is an act of kindness.


Bold, beautiful, wonderful work!  Excellent use of vibrant colors.


Your artwork is amazing and I love the flow and vibes they give!

Debbie & David

So cool!  Bold and peaceful at once.  Absolutely beautiful and gracious.  Fantastic perspective and great details.


The way you express yourself through your art drew me in. You can see the passion and the caring - and a good human.


You take that color out of your head and place it on canvas so that others can enjoy the beauty of your mind.


I see the beauty of connection of healing between us all. And for that I am so grateful. Our souls spent at least 1 previous lifetime hanging out


You and your art exude whimsy and light.


Fascinated at with your work and your process, start to finish. Appreciate and love your work!

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FYI:  To get special value pricing you need to book a zoom call with me.

FAQ About the UNFOLDING Series:

What quality, medium and surface are the UNFOLDING artworks created on?

I work with professional artist quality acrylic paints with high UV ratings (lightfast), Liquitex Pro varnish, and professional artist 14 oz. 100% natural cotton canvas with archival priming and an extra layer of gesso that I apply to ensure adhesion.  My painting process involves the application of multiple layers of acrylic paint.  The layers are allowed to dry thoroughly in between layers.  I allow 30 days for the paint to cure before varnishing. 

What do I need to know about installation and care of the art?    All of the pieces in the UNFOLDING Series are the same size:  36”x48”x.5".  All are original acrylics on canvas, varnished, and professionally wired for immediate display.  A 20 lb. picture hanger hook or stronger hook will be required to safely hang the art.  If you apply a frame, use a 50 lb picture hanger hook to account for the additional weight.  Framing is optional.  All four sides are painted.  Original art should ideally not be installed out of direct sunlight.  To clean it you can occasionally  wipe down the surfaces with a damp soft cloth to remove dust. 


What options are there for Shipping and Handling of this art?  Order fulfillment and shipping is within the continental USA only at this time.   Due to the large size of the UNFOLDING Series paintings,  I use professional art box packaging.  Your art will arrive ready to hang.   You pay the cost of shipping the artwork to your home or office via USPS, UPS, or Fed Ex you choose.   Your UNFOLDING Series painting will arrive in a professional art box with foam layers to protect the artwork.  The box can be reused to protect the painting if you ever have to move and relocate the artwork, so saving and storing the box is recommended.  If you have further questions or requests around this, you may contact me.  Otherwise, you can expect to receive your artwork within 7-10 business days after the order is processed at the studio.   


What are your terms of payment ?    I offer many payment options on my website store.  I accept all major credit cards, Apple pay, Google Pay (includes Venmo and Paypal), and Paypal.  Installment payment options are also available.   Prices are subject to change at any time.


Do you guarantee your artwork and are returns allowed?  I want you to be happy with your artwork.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the work to me.  I have a money back guarantee on all my work that if something is not to your satisfaction, you may return it.  See these links for more details:  Terms and Conditions, Returns . 


How do I know your artwork is authentic?  I sign my work on the art, on the framework on the back side, and title it.  This is all done in my hand.  I also include with your art purchase a “certificate of authenticity” (COA) which includes an image of the art, all the data about the artwork, and my contact information with my handwritten signature.  At your request I can also provide you with a digital COA.  COA’s are a way to ensure buyers that artwork is genuine.


Where can I find more information about you as an artist?  I have been painting for many years and have received several awards and accolades.  I am a studio artist and a muralist/public artist.  You can visit my about page and resume to learn more detailed information about me.  The UNFOLDING Series was created specifically as the result of my meditation practice which compelled me to paint about my visual and spiritual experiences.You can browse the art currently availablein my webstore.  You can visit my portfolio of murals , and you can visit my blog page.


Do you typically paint on this large scale?  I have a background in painting murals, so working on a very large scale is my preference.  I love a large canvas as I feel it doesn’t constrict my ideas and limit how I paint.  I do occasionally create smaller works, but my passion for art is definitely on a larger scale. 


Do you accept commissions for artwork?  I tend to have a very busy calendar, often involving projects planned months in advance and scheduled months out, so my ability to accept commissions only comes up periodically.  The best way to know if I am open to commissioned paintings is to follow me on social media where I keep this information posted.  I also have a commissions page on my website that indicates if commissions are currently open or closed. 


 Where can I reach you if I have more questions?  I am reachable best by email or call or text me.   You can also visit my Contact Page.  Please be sure to provide your full name and contact information (phone and email) when reaching out to me directly.   For best results, schedule a private zoom meeting with me.


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Mary E D Ryan Art

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