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I create murals from small designs to large images over full size walls both interior and exterior.  Prices vary accordingly.  I have painted entire rooms from floor to ceiling in nature images as well as large pieces on panels mounted to walls or installed on objects.  I work with the desires of my private, government, and commercial clients and select the designs, colors, images, and feelings they wish to enjoy in the space.   Contact me to inquire about murals, business logos, or design work in your private or public spaces.  It costs nothing to talk about a mural plan that you may have in mind.  Local and regional site visits and price quotes are free.  Design work requires a nonrefundable payment for services up front.  Like any other contractor, muralist services require design work and quote approval, a signed contract for the work, and a deposit up front.  I can help you to develop a great custom design plan.  Be prepared to work with me on planning your mural.



2018 - Greetings From Reidsville Mural, Reidsville, NC.

2019 - Wings mural, RoCO Library, Reidsville, NC.

2018 and 2022 - Lead Artist on public art installations inside and on the grounds of the Reidsville Teen Center, Reidsville, NC.  Multiple murals and garden art.

June of 2020 - Tree Planter Project, Reidsville, NC.

2020-2021 - "Paws to Reflect".  Phase 1, 2, and 3, at the Rockingham County Animal Shelter, Wentworth, NC.

2020 - floral mural, Willa Ashe Boutique, Madison, NC. 2020 - ghost sign logo, Lucky City Brewers, Reidsville, NC.

2021 - On the Kings Forest artists team, sponsored by TAB Arts Non Profit and Creative Greensboro, multiple public art projects, Greensboro, NC.

2021 - Tippy's Window Mural, Tippy's Pet Pantry, Eden, NC.

2021 + 2022 - themed murals at two location for Locomotion Early Learning STEAM daycare - two locations in Reidsville, NC.

2021 - Interior Crystal Walls Effect and exterior nature theme mural on Garden Structure Wall, Eclectic by Nature, Greensboro, NC.

2022 - Morehead High School, artist residency, 2 murals, Panther and Two Rivers designs, Eden, NC.

2022 - Sidewalk Mural and Outdoor Dining Area Ground Mural, Elon, NC

2023 - 3D logo mural with Drop Shadow for Tri-State Steel

2023 - Compass Ground Mural at Skies the Limit Park behind City Hall in Reidsville, NC.

2023 - Front Exterior Entrance graphics design update for the Reidsville Teen Center, in Reidsville, NC.

2023- Commemorative History of Reidsville Quilt Mural on panels for the Sesquicentennial Celebration, and a Community Thumbprint Garden Quilt on panels; public installation in March 2024.

I share about my public art projects as they progress on my Facebook page (A Life of Joy by Mary E D Ryan Art), and on Instagram (@joyfulmaryedryanart), and I do occasional video updates there. To visit my social media pages to keep tabs on my latest projects, click the icons at the bottom of this page.

Indiviual Artist Grant Awards Projects

2022  - "ARTchitecture"  - A series of thirty acrylic paintings on canvas  featured buildings in and around Rockingham County, NC, but depicted with murals on them of my own designs. 




2023  - "UNFOLDING" -A series of 30 paintings in acrylcis on canvas featuring imagery from my intuitive painting techniques and my mediation practice.  




Credit:  Both of these series were funded in part by artist support grants from the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.


Mary E D Ryan Art

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